Donald Wolf

Donald Wolf

President and founder of EPP and co-founder and co-owner of TIGRE

Prior to his participation in the founding of EPP TIGRE in 1997, Donald was Chairman of Finestate & Robert, a French affiliate of the J.E.Robert Company, which provided asset management and due diligence services to American funds attempting to purchase nonperforming French bank debt secured by real estate.

Previously, he had worked for over 20 years in the real estate field as a partner in The Holladay Group, a US real estate company developing property for its own account in the Mid-Atlantic and Mid-west states of the US. He also had practiced law for three years in New York, London and Paris with the law firm Coudert Brothers.

Donald has an engineering degree from New Mexico State University, an MBA from Stanford University and a law degree from Harvard University.

He speaks English and French.